Insurance Justice


Insurance Justice was set up to help businesses recover insurance money that should be paid out in the light of the Covid-19 outbreak.

After the disease struck thousands of businesses were forced to close their doors but many found that insurers were refusing their Business Interruption claim.

JHA set up Insurance Justice with Clear Legal Marketing Limited after it was contacted by large numbers of businesses who has become frustrated by their insurance companies and brokers.

Insurance Justice has a number of legal contacts and is able to put clients in touch with law firms to get them the legal help that they may require to pursue potential claims.

JHA is also able to use its expertise to help highlight problems around the issue in the media to help affected businesses gain support.

Insurance Justice is a trading name of Clear Legal Marketing Limited, a Claims Management Company, (registered number 07933243) whose registered address is Unit 115-119 Timber Wharf, 42-50 Worsley Street, Manchester M15 4LD and who are Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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